Slow Down:Lukas Ellensohn

Slow down in times of acceleration – take your time to enjoy your surrounding!

Due to recent events we’ve all had to slow down and even though it’s not a nice thing to have I’d say it helped us all in some way or another. Maybe it openend our eyes to appreciate the things around us, spend more time with our loved ones or just forced us to stop rotating and not being able to pick out of our endless possibilities.

This part was filmed in three years, four resorts and one main camera operator and editor Luzian Burgstaller.

Additional filming by Thomas Stanglechner, Ludwig Hagelstein & Sebi Madlener

Artwork by Patricc Wolf – Joralulu Production

This project was supported by Deeluxe Boots, Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, as well as Coal Headwear, Dragon Optics, Altons Boardstore and Damüls Resort.