Category: Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth: Will Smith

Milk teeth with Will Smith from the UK who has recently been turning heads wherever he has been riding. From his notable parts with The Grindhouse ,Postland Theory and rail contests all over.

Milk Teeth: Mons Røisland

Another Norwegian who is destined for Snowboard greatness. Milk Teeth Interview with 17 year old, Mons Røisland.

Milk Teeth: Haakon Eilertsen

We met up with young Norwegian 17 year old powerhouse Haakon Eilertsen. With a mixture of cultures and bags of talent, Haakon has all the ingredients to blow minds in the future. Find out what makes him tick.

Milk Teeth: Kevin Kok

We met up with up and comer Kevin Kok to talk about riding pow, the mafia, Italy’s snowboard scene and much more.

Milk Teeth: Ollie Dutton

Milk Teeth with Ollie Dutton from The UK to talk indoor fridges, filming with the Grindhouse, getting tattoos from Hooters and much more.


We caught up with Finland’s rising talent, Jani Sorasalmi to discuss dealing with the cold, filming for KBR and more.