Milk Teeth: Kalle Järvilehto

1958241_10203273270693292_1495613348_nKalle Järvilehto has shown some pretty solid contest performances, like his 4th place at O’Neill Evolution (6star WST), 3rd place at Stars of the Stadium (5star WST) and most recently by winning the Frost Gun big air at Val-d’Isère

He also sent his own regards to the riders hitting the slopestyle at Sochi, by landing a bs triple 14 on the eve of the comp but in the dark and sub zero temperatures of Northern Finland. Kalle is pretty handy with his skateboard too, with a couple of medals from the Finnish skate champs dangling around his neck from the junior divisions. Kalle is also pretty entertaining little chap to follow on instagram with snow and skate edits dropping left, right and centre. Just remember not to start a ruckus with this guy, he knows his way with knives…

Kalle Järvilehto


Years riding?

Home resort?
Serena, but now I live at Vuokatti so i’ve been riding there a lot!

Spin to win or cruise and chill?
Well… I wouldn’t say spin to win. I like to do new stuff and push my limits. Sometimes it’s spinning but sometimes it’s just new grabs and tweaks to smaller spins and riding rails!

What inspires your riding?
The riding itself! It’s so much fun and I LOOOVE to do it! also cool videos and seeing friends ride get me stoked.

Dream trip and who would you go with?
I’ve had awesome trips with my friends already but I’d love to go riding with friends somewhere where its slushy and sunny!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ohh I don’t know… Maybe riding and filming in North America?

Kalle is also a wizard on his skateboard. Photo: Antti Koskinen

Kalle is also a wizard on his skateboard.
Photo: Antti Koskinen

Would you rather skate a week in Barcelona or ride a week in sunny Talma?
I’d rather ride a sunny week at Ruka! It has always been so much fun! Shit always happens to me at Talma…

What is your biggest weakness and your greatest strength?
Biggest weakness are interviews… Strength would be that I love what I do? It’s a strength right?

Game of skate against Eniz Fazliov or the same on snow against Peetu Piiroinen?
Game of snow against Peetu would be sick!! Skating against Eniz wouldn’t be so much fun for me…

Do you get dizzy when you do a triple?
Not too much. It’s like riding on a rollercoaster!

I saw you are handy with butterfly knives. Are there many fights at the snowboard high school in Vuokatti?
Hahaa yeah you got to carry them all the time! 😉 No I don’t carry them. I just like to play with them not that I would need them.

Last words of wisdom and thanking mum and dad section:
Thanks to all who has supported me and done anything for me. I’m grateful for all that! And yeah special thanks goes to my mom and dad for making this all possible! And of course my snowboarding buddies and girlfriend, love you all! Not to forget my sponsors who have been supporting me since i was a little boy: Burton, Sauna Beanies and  Mad respect!


P.s. Follow on instagram @kallejarvilehto and @kalelblog !!!

Kalle making noise on his skateboard too. Photo: Jami Holmberg

Photo: Jami Holmberg