Tag: skateboarding

Nico Bondi: Sideways Always

Nico Bondi is 9 years old and can skate, snowboard and surf better than most of us already. Check out the video to see Nico throw down.

Volcom: Crosspollution

Skating, Snowboarding and other team mischief in this raw edit from Volcom, start off your Monday properly.

Real Talk: Roope Tonteri

We spoke to Roope Tonteri to discuss; suspect judging, wild facial hair, drinking alcohol, FIS, The Olympics and much more.

Scott Stevens Iphone Part

One heavy part from Scott Stevens filmed entirely on the IPhone. Stevens is equally as creative on a skateboard as he is on snow, unreal.

Full Part: Lizard King , L1 “Americana”

Skaters by large are wary of their snowboarding counterparts but Lizard King breaks that mould by having a full part in L1’s first ever release Americana.

Jed Anderson: Squad Massage

Jed Anderson is a beast on a skateboard. Check this full length skate edit and see for yourself.

An Austrian Autumn

Jonny Pickup, Joonas Eloranta, Charlie Rowland and Sparrow Knox and their pre-season trip to The Hintertux glacier.

Riders Who Can Skate (Well): Fredrik Austbø

If you ever saw Fredrik in his break out part “White Balance”, you will already be fully aware of his skating talents. Bare in mind though he was 14 when that part dropped and talents for skating have only intensified with time. We spoke to Fredrik about his life skating.

Scott Stevens Skate Part , “No Country For Burke”

If you ever wondered why Scott Stevens was so creative on a snowboard then you have to watch this and realise that he is severely limited by having bindings on his feet. This skate part will have you rewinding over and over, just to get an understanding of what he is doing. Stevens is sick at skating and this is a must watch, straight fire.

Riders Who Can Skate (Well): Eero Ettala

So far every rider we have interviewed mentioned the talents of Eero Ettala and now it’s his time to talk. Find out more from Eero and his views on skateboarding.