Riders Who Can Skate (Well): Fredrik Austbø


Fredrik fears no transition  Photo: Jason Horton

Fredrik fears no transition
Photo: Jason Horton


How many days do you get to skate on average during winter?
I try to skate as much as I can, i’m always bringing my skateboard with me at all time. We usually spend a lot of time in Colorado and they have a cool indoor bowl there and we get to skate a lot.

Is there anything you like more about skating than snowboarding?
The warm weather and it’s much easier to access a spot to go skate.

Have you got any sponsors or got free shit from skating?
Yeah I have Nixon, Etnies, and Session Skate shop.


Bs 180 of justice. Photo: Simen Kjærstad

Bs 180 of justice.
Photo: Simen Kjærstad

Why do so many skaters hate snowboarding? 
They do?

Do you ever think you could have gone pro from skating if you hadn’t concentrated on snowboarding?
I am already pro for skating.

Which other snowboarders do you skate with?
I skate a lot with Mikkel Bang. I’ve also been skating a little bit with Mark McMorris, Aleksander Østereng.



Who is the best snowboarder at skating?
I’m not sure, there are a couple of snowboarders who can skate real good like the ones I mentioned in the question above. Mikkel Bang, Mark McMorris, Aleksander Østereng are good though.

What Tricks would you like to land on your skateboard?
I’m working on a bs540, so I would be stoked to get that down in the nearest future.

Where is your favourite place to skate?
My favorite place to skate would be Oregon. You have so many concrete parks and a good vibe, it’s sick out there.


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Index photo: Roy Løsnæs

Horten Kanalsession 2014 from Marius Svendsen on Vimeo.