Riders Who Can Skate (Well): Eero Ettala

EERO ETTALA [FFC – FO’ LIFE 2012] from Ace Venture on Vimeo.

How many days do you get to skate on average during winter?
Not too many, I kind of try to skate as little as possible and just concentrate on snowboarding. But it would be ideal to skate maybe once in two weeks to somehow maintain the feeling to skating throughout the winter.

Is there anything you like more about skating than snowboarding?
Just the fact, that i’m not professional in skating, so I don’t have the feeling that I need to perform. It’s nice to just step out of your house and hop on a skateboard, which is not possible on a snowboard.

Have you got any sponsors or got free shit from skating?
I ride for Planet Sports, so they hook me up with anything I need skating wise.

Why do so many skaters hate snowboarding?
Hahahah, I don’t know. It seems like it’s changing a little bit and a bunch of skaters actually go snowboarding themselves…skaters are getting a bit more open minded

Eero taking a break from winter with this Fs 5-0 Photo: Arto Linden

Eero taking a break from winter with this Fs 5-0
Photo: Arto Linden

Do you ever think you could have gone pro from skating if you hadn’t concentrated on snowboarding?
Hmm…I doubt it. Only two skaters have made it pro from Finland so far and I was no where close to be as talented as they were.

Which other snowboarders do you skate with?
Who ever is willing to go skate. I skate a ton with Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Markku Koski, Teo Konttinen and some other Finnish fools!

Who is the best snowboarder at skating?
There are so many good ones, so I´ll just list a few! Sami Luhtanen, Jed Anderson, Roope Tonteri, Alek Oestreng, Teo Konttinen, Ozzy Henning

Power Bs Disaster/ Photo: Aj Kemppainen

Not feeling pressure to perform with this Bs Disaster
Photo: Aj Kemppainen