Yobeat And Pyramid Magazine Join Forces For Global Media Domination



bloodbloggersPortland, OR — August 18, 2014


A mere 238 years after the US won its independence from Great Britain, the independent publishers at Yobeat and Pyramid Mag have put aside their differences to create a new online media superpower. Coming on the heels of Yobeat’s corporate takeover of Catfish Chronicles, this new “blood blogger” partnership will help unite a global snowboarding community, or at least make it easier for brands to buy ads on all three sites.


While the mainstream snowboard media races to the bottom with click bait, autoplays, and social media spam, Yobeat and Pyramid will continue to pump out daily original content. The Catfish will tirelessly scour the web for the best videos available online. With a mere three clicks a day, readers can enjoy the full spectrum of relevant snowboard content.


For advertising info, contact Justin Parkhurst (justin@yobeat.com). For submissions or other editorial matters, contact Brooke Geery (brooke@yobeat.com), Tom Kingsnorth (tom@pyramidmagazine.com), and Chas Truslow (Thecatfishchronicles@gmail.com.)