Milk Teeth: Matthew Boudreaux

Making sure the  poke is there. Photo: Erik Ralles

Making sure the poke is there.
Photo: Erik Ralles

From the tow ropes of Minnesota/Hyland Hills/ Trollhaugen to the Alps, you get about a lot. What would you consider your home resort?
Hyland for sure. I was born and raised there but Troll has always been a home away from home. If you make it to Duluth to snowboard, Mount Du Lac and Spirit Mt are the places to spend some time as well.

How cold is it in the streets of Mid-west America during the winter? How warm does it get in the summer?
Come find out.

You’re in Austria now, is this your first time here and what do you make of it so far?
Not the first time I’ve been here. The Interior Plain Project and I were out here a year and a half ago filming a short for The Antique Futuristic collection. It has been awesome! I could even see myself sticking around for the season.

What are your feelings on the scene over in Austria?
It is here! Coming from riding hills to ze Alps is insane. The riders here are all rippin it super hard on the jumps. All of the rail assassins here kill it as well. One of the things I like the most is that there are people from all over the globe here and most of them are pretty damn friendly. I mean it’s hard not to make Friends Or Die here!

How is riding up at Betterpark Hintertux?
It has been sooooo gooooood! The park has been super fun. The little jumps are fun to mess around on and the rails are prime time. The length of the park is crazy, as part of a park crew I give it up to the Groomers in the Piston Bully’s and all the diggers. You boys put in work, so THANK YOU!!!! The only thing that is a bit annoying is all the damn ski racers; they got no respect in the lift lines.

What do you hate more T-bars or Tow ropes?
T-bars definitely T-bars. With a rope you and jump on where ever there is an open space you don’t have to wait in these fucked up lines. Check out what kind of gloves kids are wearing on the rope; gardening gloves, leather choppers, work gloves, or maybe no gloves, the thing they all have in common is that they are cheap and last longer than actual snowboarding gloves. I’m sure you’ll all learn at some point in time.

What exactly is The Interior Plain Project?
IPP is a snowboard brand based out of the Mid-west. The way the brand works is that each year there is a new collection, basically with every year there is a new brand. The first collection was Dark Meadows (No Promises), last year Antique Futuristic (The Pasts Future Now), and now Berserker (Mastered By None) is about to hit the stores. It has been an amazing thing to be a part of and brought me out here, and now the boards are made here in Austria at the Capita factory. Look us up!

Your new Bald E-GAL video part is getting some traction, how long did it take to film and are you happy with the results?
Filming took all season, with a lot of work in between and playing at Hyland. With every part there are always some tricks or spots that you wish you would have had a little more time with. So you could get more comfortable or stomp the shit out of. But, I was stoked on the way the part turned out. Jake Durham edited the video, and my good friend Stephan Paulsen had a few cameo shots in their super hyped on that.

Who is your crew and inspiration back home?
MFOD! And the inspiration comes from everywhere and from riding with friends.

You are pretty creative when you ride, what are your favorite tricks.
I like to try and keep it simple and try and do some of the classic with a bit of a twist. So that being said, nollies and fakie ollies on to rails FS/BS and maybe on a jump. Methods and switch methods are probably my favorite grabs. And people please don’t forget to shifty on those jumps sometimes-just float up there and poke it!

How many Schnitzels and Schnapps have you consumed on this trip so far?
There have been more schnapps the schnitzels, how is that for an answer.

How long have you been growing that beard?
I shaved this morning.

I don’t know either. I have a stupid phone. So, for all the contributors. Thanks. I guess people need or want to know what I’m doing and where I’m at.

Interview by Brian Wolfe
Index Photo: Ryan Taylor