Tag: Minnesota

Benny Milam’s LakeHouse

Ever been riding on a frozen lake? Benny Milam and his friends have, at -34c and surrounded by fisherman too. Check out the story and video of how these two worlds collided

Lapping Minnesota: Jesse Augustinus

Jesse Augustinus has been around for what seems forever but is still the tender age of 19. Jesse has been earning heaps of airmiles recently and in this edit by DVP, the young Dutch Native shows the Hyland and Troll locals how they roll in NL.

Snowboarding’s Dead Ep01, Minnesota

Minnesota looks like an incredible place to ride and produced some of the best riders around. in this edit Snowboarding’s Dead show you exactly what Minnesota has to offer. Featuring; Alex Andrews, Brady Lem, Shane Ruprecht, Joe Sexton, Danimals, Boody and Michael Wick.

Milk Teeth: Matthew Boudreaux

After Boody’s epic, Bald E Gal part dropped last week, we wanted to get to know him better. We like people that ride a snowboard with an eye for creativity and Boody has certainly got that. Let’s find out more from the man himself.