Milk Teeth: Roel Van Oosterhout


Age: 22
SponsorsRome SDS, 686 and Bonk Suburban Supplies.
Years riding: 7

If you had a dream trip where you could go anywhere and bring anyone where and who would you go with?
I guess It is quite idealistic but I guess I would just get a big ass van and get my snowboard and surfboard to travel around the globe with my homies. Too many places to see and too little time.

Would you rather ride a perfect street rail set up or champagne powder?
Perfect street rail setup for sure.

Who is in your crew?
I’ve been riding with the Postland crew a lot lately. ROZERAND



You spend a lot of your time surfing, are you able to pick if you like surfing of snowboarding more?
What’s up with all these hard questions? Snowboarding is great for different reasons than surfing is. I love the freedom of snowboarding. You can ride pretty much everything and in any way you want to. In surfing you can just go out into the sea. No tickets, no lines and the swell is different every day. I’m more stoked on snowboarding, but do want to start surfing more often.

You ride a lot in the fridges of Holland. Do you get much time out on real snow? If so how different is it?
It’s way different actually. Indoors the conditions are pretty much always the same. You have to get creative with the little what you got. Outdoors there’s so much more terrain to ride and conditions change every day. Don’t get as much time to ride in the mountains unfortunately. Still have to go to school and school’s not that stoked on letting me leave for a few weeks to go ride.

Which riders do you look up to?
Ah man I’m stoked on way too many riders. The Videograss, KTC, WFTC and Déjà vu guys pretty much all kill it. Riders like Jed Anderson, Joe Sexton, Mike Rav, Forest Bailey, Justin Fronius, Jesse Paul and Scott Stevens just to name a few.

What is your goal for snowboarding?
Have fun.


Would you take up the offer of being a full time pro but you were only allowed to ever ride indoors?
Being a pro that only rides indoors sure sounds pretty awful. But seeing as I don’t find that many time to go to the mountains anyway I might just do it. Free stuff!

Your life would be easier if what?
If I didn’t have to sleep. Not enough hours in a day.

What is the worst trip you have ever been on?
That would probably be last summer to shred Les Deux Alpes. We went there for over a week to shoot park footy. We ended up with zero shots because we were only able to ride for like 2 days in foggy weather. Because of the weather we just went partying every single night. Haha maybe not that bad a trip at all.



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footage courtesy of Postland

Swbs 2 to reg courtesy of OWNR