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Real Talk: Gigi Rüf Interview

It’s been a long and lustrous career and here Gigi Rüf reveals all, from leaving Burton, to creating Slash, Nike quitting Snowboarding, Destroyer and much more. Here is Gigi’s exclusive Real Talk Interview.

Saku Tiilkainen And Thomas Iversen Ride Kiruna

Kiruna up in the North Of Sweden is pretty much as cold as it gets. Vimana Snowboards team buddies; Saku Tiilkainen and Thomas Iversen made the trip on the search of street spots and came back with some frosty bangers.

Different Direction: Cruising With Friends EP03

It’s 20 degrees outside and we are about to bust open the cocktails. Different Direction remind of what we should be doing now as they blast throuh the pow Marco Feichtner, Sebi Geiger, Alex Fischer, Maxi Preissinger, Julia Baumgartner and many more.

Full Part: Saku Tiilikainen

With 100% positive vibes, some burly rail and kicker skills and he also makes a mean cup of coffee. We are big fans of Saku Tiilikainen here at Pyramid Mag.

Season Edit: Thomas Kigle

Young Thomas Kigle has been on our radar for the past couple of seasons and in this season edit you can see why, as this up and comer has the skills to throw down in both the park and backcountry.

Teaser: 686 Seconds

686 have been around for 23 years and just seem to get better each season. 686 Seconds looks like an extravaganza of a team movie featuring 686 heavyweights such as Ryan Tarbell, Tor Lundstrom, Forest Bailey, Cam Pierce, Sammy Luebke, Marco Feichtner and many more.

Full Part: Atsushi Hasegawa

Yes, yes and more yes, Atsushi Hasegawa straight up kills it in this outstanding full part.

686 Remix: David Lopez Mateos

David Lopez Mateos has a thirst for scouting new spots and creating originality. Just take a look at that ender.