Riders Who Can Skate (Well): Gulli Gudmundsson

How many days do you get to skate on average during winter?
Pretty much none, we don’t have any indoor park back home so I usually start skating in the spring when I’m traveling for spring sessions.

Is there anything you like more about skating than snowboarding?
Yeah for sure, no wet shoes, just wearing your t-shirt, warm weather, no hiking, no bindings to put on… that’s the first few things that comes to mind for me.

Have you got any sponsors or got free shit from skating?
Local skate shops in Iceland and I get free decks from Love Skateboards so that’s sick.

Why do so many skaters hate snowboarding?
Cause a lot of it is a total rip off from skateboarding I guess, I got to admit that skateboarding is way cooler.

Do you ever think you could have gone pro from skating if you hadn’t concentrated on snowboarding?
Probably not! The level is so fucking high and I would have to move to the states at young age and be super lucky.

Which other snowboarders do you skate with?
Eiki, Halldor and then pretty much all riders that brings their skates on a trip

Who is the best snowboarder at skating?
That’s a hard one, Eero is super good, Eiki, Jed Anderson and Scott Stevens. I was also skating with Roope in Innsbruck the other day and he totally rips.