Riders Who Can Skate (well): Kalle Järvilehto

 Photo: Antti Koskinen

Photo: Antti Koskinen

How many days do you get to skate on average during winter?
Depends on how good the snowpark is, if it’s bad I skate a lot more.

Is there anything you like more about skating than snowboarding?
There is more jibbing tricks and you only need some flat ground to skate. Also you can go almost anywhere in the city to skate.

Have you got any sponsors or got free shit from skating?
Yeah Overboard.fi gives me the stuff what I need.

Do you ever think you could have gone pro from skating if you hadn’t concentrated on snowboarding?
No… Snowboarding has always been the one I like to compete in

Which other snowboarders do you skate with?
With all the guys from Vuokatti and lot of other snowboarders too.

Who is the best snowboarder at skating?
Eero Ettala is pretty sick!