Riders Who Can Skate (well): Sami Luhtanen

How many days do you get to skate on average during winter?
When the snowboard season is on I always stay off my skateboard and start just before summer. It’s hard to keep motivation and to find time for your two different loves at once.

Is there anything you like more about skating than snowboarding?
You can skate more confused than snowboarding, it’s easier to skate and ride what you want.

Have you got any sponsors or got free shit from skating?
Ponke´s the skate shop and Vans.

Why do so many skaters hate snowboarding?
Way too many snowboarders are some real sport dudes or jocks and they take their own passion way too seriously. Skateboarding is a lifetime deal, when you grow up with wheels you can realize what it’s like.

Do you ever think you could have gone pro from skating if you hadn’t concentrated on snowboarding?
Not really, I just wonder why I quit skateboarding for three/four years, now it takes time get that same feeling back what I have when I was a kid.

Which other snowboarders do you skate with?
I’m not skating that much with my snowboarding friends but when I get a chance to go skate I’m usually with my good buddies; Janne Lipsanen, Roope Tonteri, Antti Komulainen, Niels Schack, Markku Koski and sometimes with Mr technique Eero Ettala.

Who is the best snowboarder at skating?
Pretty hard to decide but Roope Tonteri is pretty killer I would say.