Would You rather? Antti Autti

Would you rather only ride shitty pipes every time you snowboard or never ride again?
I would most def ride shitty pipes forever than stop riding!

Spend a week in prison or a week on a raft, lost on the ocean?
I like to get lost so I would go with the raft!

Antti's holiday

Antti’s holiday


Never ride pipe again or never do another method again?
Probably not ride pipe again. You know there are always some nice spots for methods!

Have a job cleaning sewers for a year or be the first link in the human centipede for a week?
I do not like the human centipede! Sewers are all good!

Try a triple in an icy pipe or off a sketchy kicker?
Probably an icey pipe because sketchy kickers are the worst things to ride!

Would you follow Danny Way of the mega ramp on your skateboard for a million euros?
Probably…maybe early grabbing the whole way.

After you Danny

After you Danny


Pee out a grape or poop a watermelon?
Peeing out a grape sounds interesting and very difficult!

Would you rather be a pro rollerblader or the worst snowboarder in the world?
I would for sure be the worst snowboarder in the world. You know it is not about being pro! It is about what you like to do!

Be known for having really bad breath or really bad hygiene issues?
Shit…this is hard. Bad breath and not talk at all!

Would you rather drink a shot of bleach or snort 5cm of glass?

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