Tag: would you rather

Would You Rather? Seth Hill

Seth Hill, aka The people’s Champion tackles our nonsensical quiz to talk; mosquito bites on eyelids, following Xavier de la Rue Switch, listening to Justin Bieber 24/7 and much more.

Would You Rather? Rachida Aoulad

We chat to rail slayer, Rachida Aoulad, to talk fake boobs, tramp stamp tattoos, bad teeth, worse skin, snowboarding and other randomness.

Would You Rather? Saku Tiilikainen

We enter Saku’s mind to talk about hitting the megaramp on a skateboard, having really bad breath, selling his soul to Satan and much more randomness.

Would You Rather? Nils Arvidsson

We cornered Nils whilst he was on the Absinthe premier tour to answer these challenging questions. Here we discuss snorting glass, watching his own birth, learning triples off icy kickers, giving up snus and much more.

Would You Rather? Possum Torr

Possum Torr tackles our challenging quiz to discuss Tinder, the road to PyeongChang, dressing like a can of Rockstar, snowboarding and much more.

Would You Rather? Enni Rukajärvi

The softly spoken, silver olympic medalist, Enni Rukajärvi steps up to our challenging quiz to discuss facial tribal tattoos, drinking anti freeze and much more.

Would You Rather? Sebbe De Buck

Rejoice! Pyramid Magazine is back from the beach and straight down to business with this would you rather quiz from the young Belgium, Sebbe De Buck.