Would You Rather? Wojtek Pawlusiak

Would you rather be a member of Jersey Shore or be a gipsy?
People from Jersey Shore are total retards and douchebags but probably rich and famous soon, gypsies are running around bare foot, sleeps under the stars and making bonfires. No questions asked I wanna be a gipsy!

Wojtek's choice over Jersey Shore

Wojtek’s choice over Jersey Shore

Never listen to music again or never use the Internet again?
Depends on Internet because if I can load a song while having an Internet, I’m choosing Internet but if it only comes to checking Facebook, I will definitely take the music!

Never ride pow again or never ride rails again?
That’s a hard one but I will go for never riding rails.

Get a boob job or an ass implant?
Depends if we are talking about my gf?

Hit the Hemsedal kicker on your ski jump skis or a ski jump on your snowboard at the same speed?
Hahahahah, both way works!

Have a beer belly or a double chin?
Beer belly for sure!

Wojtek's new look

Wojtek’s new look

Be the poorest person in the world but the happiest or the richest and most miserable?
Happiness has much more value to me than money. If my family and me are healthy I can be the poorest. That’s is not a direct answer but I had to add the health.

Be able to read minds or turn invisible?
Can I choose both? Hahaah reading peoples minds is the shit!

Watch your birth or your conception?
I would like to watch my birth but even more I would like to watch my funeral just to see who’s a real friend

Have another penis sewn onto your head and you’re not allowed to cover it, or lose the use of your penis for a year?
Pretty dramatic … do you have to have the penis sewn onto your head for a year or for entire life? I think I will go for option #1 hahaha

This would not be cool.

This would not be cool.