Would You Rather? Rachida Aoulad

Never smoke another cigarette or never ride powder again?
Never smoke those cancer sticks again!

Inside Rachida's whip

Inside Rachida’s whip


Would you rather? Ride a perfect indoor set up or a white out day on the mountain?
Ride a perfect setup on a white out day, on a mountain!

Get fake boobs or a tramp stamp tattoo?
Fake boobs… fake boobs for sure!!

Grow dreads or shave your head?
Shave my head and wear a wig till it grows back!

Never be able to listen to music or never use the Internet again?
Music, the world is ruled by the Internet!

Have the world’s biggest nose or the world’s fattest tongue?
They’re both bad! So i’ll choose the nose and get a nose job I guess haha.

Rachida with her new nose and shaved head

Rachida with her new nose and shaved head

Be able to read minds or talk to animals?
Read minds definitely and call every liar out on what there saying! That would be fun.

Go back in time or into the future?
Future! I will bring some stuff from this time that will be antique’s in the future, get rich as fuck and chill out on hover boards in my big ass villa, with private slope. Invite all of my new friends! It will be sick!

Have really bad teeth or really bad skin?
Bad teeth! At least I can close my mouth. Bad skin is hard to hide!

Only eat bitterballen for every meal or only drink beer for every drink?
Bitterballen! Beer is disgusting! Better get me some vodka!

Dinner, forever

Dinner, forever