Would You Rather? Seth Hill

Would you rather never shoot another photo or never do another method?
Dang that’s a toughie, I’d have to say never do another method. At least I could keep doing other grabs.

Win an Oscar for Really Gotta Wanna or score last part in a massive video production?
Win an Oscar for sure, I feel like the Oscar would be a bigger deal in the real world scheme of things

Lose the ability to grab anything except tindy, or develop a loud clicking sound in your jaw when you eat? 
As much as I hate tindy, I would have to choose that. Not sure I handle a clicking noise.

Seth's new grab of choice

Seth’s new grab of choice

Get a mosquito on your eyelid every night for a month or follow Xavier de la Rue down an Alaskan face switch?

I hate mosquitos so definitely follow Xavier, I think that would be pretty sweet either way haha.

Drink a shot of bleach or snort a line of broken glass?

Shot of Bleach, at least I could just puke it up after.

Break your back once every 10 years but get to ride epic pow every year or not get injured but never ride pow?
I don’t think I could go through that every 10 years, I guess I will never ride pow again.

Have your internet crash every 20 minutes for a month or listen to Justin Bieber on repeat 24.7 for a month.
Justin Bieber ALL day EVERY day!

Bieber on repeat

Bieber on repeat

Know the date of your death or the cause of your death?
Know the cause, than I could just not ever do that haha

Have breadsticks for legs or salami sticks for arms?
Hahah this one again lol, Salami sticks for arms that way I could still snowboard!

Would you rather pee out a grape or poop out a watermelon?
Pee out a grape, pretty sure I have gone through about as much pain as I’d like when I broke my back.

Toilet break with an added element

Toilet break with an added element

Index photo: Jay Badgley