Would You Rather? Nils Arvidsson

Would you rather only ride FIS contest for a year or take a break from riding for a year?
Take a break for a year, go skate and be super motivated to snowboard next winter!

Never drink alcohol again or never snus again?
Never snus again.

Try a triple off the iciest and biggest park kicker or follow Xavier De La Rue switch down a sketchy Alaskan face.
Haha holy shit, I guess the biggest chance of surviving would be the triple so I go for that.


We don't blame you Nils

We don’t blame you Nils


Be known for having really bad breath or really bad hygiene issues?
I´d go with the bad breath.

Would you rather drink a shot of bleach or snort 5cm of glass?
A shot of bleach please!

Learn every language in the World or be able to talk to animals?
Talk to animals easily!! That would be so sick!


Say What?????

Say What?????


Go back in time or visit the future?
Go back in time.

Watch your birth or your conception?
Almost threw up…

Be the hottest but poorest person in the world or ugly as fuck but the richest?
Ugly as fuck and rich bitch!

Never ride pow again or never visit Sweden again?
So many hard questions man, never visit Sweden again…:(


Come back Nils!

Come back Nils!