Would You Rather? Zach Aller

Sign a million dollar contract for Burton Global team but you had to wear fluro outerwear and street wear at all times or how it is now?
Million dollars?! I’ll do much more than wear fluo for that much dough hahah.

Show me the money

Show me the money

Would you rather, never ride pow again or never ride rails again?
Never ride rails again, easy.

Would you rather eat your weight in Mcdonalds or drink your weight in Austrian schnapps?
Between being fat or dying of alcohol poisoning… probably being fat, hence MickyD’s.

Go back in time or head to the future?
Go back to the future….seewhatididthere

Keep studying in Austria or relocate your studies to Hogwarts?
Hogwarts, duhh.

Zac's new school

Zach’s new school

Pick the way you die or the year you die?
Yeesh, that’s dark. Year I think. Knowing how youre gonna die sounds pretty scary.

Forget your ability to ride rails or your ability to speak English?
Forget how to ride rails hahah.

Watch your birth or your conception?
Ughh, just imagined both in my head, thanks for that. Nasty dude !!!! Probably birth though.

Be forced to ride the sketchiest street rails or forced to ride shitty FIS contests?
I’m already riding the sketchiest shit so , sketchiest shit it is. Fuck FIS (especially if they take out slopestyle before next Olympics..!!!)

Be the hottest but poorest person in the world or ugly as fuck but the richest?
Hahaha. Good Question. Being the poorest in the world would suck a lot more than being the ugliest probably. And if you’re rich plastic surgery is an option, plus you can always buy happiness, love and friends. So Rich and Ugly as fuck it is hahahh.