Would You Rather? Jamie Nicholls

Would you rather only ride FIS contest for a year or take a break from riding for a year?
I would have to ride FIS for a year as I would still be able to ride and it would only be for a year.

Ride a perfect dryslope set up or a whiteout weather and icy mountain day?
Perfect dryslope set up.

Would you sell your soul to satan to become the most successful rider of all time?
What’s satan? A ghost?

Is it Satan or is it a ghost?

Is it Satan or is it a ghost?

Be known for having really bad breath or really bad hygiene issues?
They’re the same plonker.

In one sitting, drink your weight in Austrian schnapps or eat your weight in Mcdonalds?
I would never eat my weight in mcdonalds because my poos will be too hard.

Learn every language in the World or be able to talk to animals?
Be able to talk to animals especially a dinosaur.


Would you rather drink a shot of bleach or snort 5cm of glass?
If I had to drink the bleach then I would stick my fingers down my throat and puke!

Never skateboard again or never rockclimb again?
That’s such a hard one as I would never give up either, but I think I would have to give up skateboarding.

Try a triple off a sketchy kicker or switch method off a sketchy kicker?
Switch method any day even though I never tried it before.

Have the biggest tongue in the World or the biggest nose?


Jamie and his lucky number 47


Index Photo by Si Belson @360 Jewelrey