Would You Rather? Enni Rukajärvi

Would you rather do a shot of antifreeze or down a bottle of rum?
Rum is good so down a bottle of rum!Unknown

Would you rather be fat and happy or be skinny and miserable?
Fat and happy.

Would you rather be known for having really bad skin or really bad teeth?
Bad teeth, at least I could keep my mouth closed as I’m doing anyways the most of the time.

Would you rather never snowboard again or never go to Finland again?
As much as I love Finland I still love snowboarding more so never go to Finland again.

Would you rather never ride pow or never hit a kicker again?
Never hit a kicker again

Would you rather win the lottery or live twice as long?
Win the lottery because I’m too scared to see what is gonna happen to the world in the future…



Would you rather listen to today’s music or music from the past?
Music from the past for sure!

If someone offered to a million euros that you went back in time and didn’t get silver at Sochi would you accept?
Yes, I probably could do more great things and help people with that money and just snowboard.

Would you pose in playboy for a million euros?
Probably not

Get fake boobs or a tribal tattoo on your face?
Fake boobs so at least I could get more popular as a pro snowboarder girl posting some bikini photos with the big boobs…


 Index photo by RedBull