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Real Talk: Christian Haller

For this week’s Real Talk Interview, we caught up with Christian “Hitsch” Haller to talk about the quality of Euro pipes, Sochi Pipes, pro riders getting dropped, what to expect from his new pipe project and much more besides.

Real Talk: Jamie Anderson

We spoke to the most rewarded rider in the history of snowboarding to talk about hugging trees, if winning is boring, women’s progression, shooting naked for ESPN and much more.

Milk Teeth: Karly Shorr

Karly Shorr has been on our radar for a while now and we got the chance to catch up with her at this years Spring Battle to talk about becoming a pro whilst hailing from Detroit, lack of funds, the Sochi Olympics and much more.

BYNDxMDLS 2015: Sochi

Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström didn’t get the chance to represent Sweden at the last Wiinter Olympics but made the decision to head to Russia to see what all the fuss was about. They’re a year late but by the looks of things it appears that Sochi is now better than ever.

Real Talk: Sage Kotsenburg

We caught up with Sage Kotsenburg at the Air and Style to talk chilling with David Letterman, having 500 boxes of cereal with your face on the box delivered to your house, asking Obama to open up street spots and much more.

Would You Rather? Cilka Sadar

Cilka Sadar attempts to answer our ridiculous quiz to talk; wearing lycra, only riding the Sochi pipe, killing kittens and much more.

Burton Presents: Mark McMorris Full Part

Burton Snowboards continue their webisodes with this mini documentary following Mark McMorris. Here Mark discusses his Dew Tour Win, The X games rib breakage, Sochi and riding Baldface with Travis Rice and Eric Jackson. As you can expect the riding from McMorris is next level, he’s also unsuprisingly sick at riding pow too.

Nike Snowboarding Presents: Emergence, Sage Kotsenburg

Nike Snowboarding kick of the 14/15 winter season with their series of webisodes titled “Emergence”. Up first is the ever smiling, 2014 Winter Olympic Slopestyle Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenberg. Sage is hyped on life in general and here he talks about why his love for snowboarding has never diminished.

Real Talk: Peetu Piiroinen

Peetu Piiroinen is one of the most successful competitive Snowboarders in history but the one that people know the least about. Here we chat to Peetu about why he missed his pipe run in Sochi, winning the World Snowboard Tour more than anyone else, how he has kept his private life so private and much more.

Would You Rather? Enni Rukajärvi

The softly spoken, silver olympic medalist, Enni Rukajärvi steps up to our challenging quiz to discuss facial tribal tattoos, drinking anti freeze and much more.