Would You Rather? Cilka Sadar

Would you rather get a Eurocarving deal for half a million Euros a season but always have to wear Lycra or how it is now?
How it is now…

Unfortunately not Cilka's new look

Unfortunately not Cilka’s new look

Would you rather only ride the Sochi pipe or never ride pipe again?
I think I would never ride pipe again, there are other transitions .

Would you rather only drink beer or only eat at Mcdonalds?
Only drink beer.

Would you rather smoke a pack of cigarettes or eat a kilo of cheese in 5 minutes?

The cigarettes, I think the cheese would make me puke.

Time starts now!

Time starts now!

Would you rather have the power to read people’s minds or turn invisible?
Turn invisible.

Would you rather kill a kitten or watch as someone kills five kittens?
Oh that’s sad, I guess kill one.

Would you rather be half your weight or double your weight?
Double, super skinny people always look so depressed.

Would you rather grow dreads and keep them for 5 years or get a tramp stamp tattoo?
I’d grow those dreds.

Cilka's new style

Cilka’s new style

Would you rather have a beer belly or a double chin?
Double chin, it would be really funny to take selfies.

Would you rather never eat pasta or never eat bread again?
Phew that’s a tough one, I would say never eat pasta again as bread is my favourite thing to eat.