Would You Rather? Billy Morgan

Would you rather be a member of Jersey Shore or be a gipsy?
Jersey Shore because I’d get the bitches.


Never do another triple or never do another method?
I’ve never done a method, I can’t do them.

Would you rather pick the year you die or the way you die?
The year, then I would live for ages.

Would you rather talk like Jar Jar Binks or look like him?
Talk like him, he’s hilarious.

Would you rather be the smartest person in the World, but the poorest or the dumbest and the richest?
The dumbest and the richest, I wouldn’t care then, I probably wouldn’t even realise I was dumb.


Be the middle link in human centipede for a week or not snowboard for 5 years?
Either way I’m going to eat shit so I’ll go for centipede.

Have a beer belly or a double chin?
I’d rather have a double chin, because I don’t want to be fat.

Have another penis sewn onto your head and you’re not allowed to cover it, or lose the use of your penis for a year?
Lose the use of mine, I really don’t want a dick sewn on my head. No one is going to fuck you with that on your head anyway.

Get an ass implant  or a boob job?
I’d get a boob job, for the lads!