Would you rather? Brage Richenberg

Would you rather smoke a pack of cigarettes a day or use a whole can of snus in a day?
Snus for sure! I hate cigarettes.

Try a triple backflip of a knuckle or a switch method off the old Hemmesdal kicker?
Oohh, probably fo for the switch method! 

Go fully pro but you have to dress in a monkey suit every time you ride, or like it is now?
It would be fun to ride in a monkey suit, but I like the way it is now!

Brage's idea of a great day

Brage’s idea of a great day

Be able to fly or have the power to turn invisible?
Fly! Then you could just fly around all day.

Be fat and happy or be skinny and miserable?
Fat and happy!

Would you kick a kitten in the face for 10,000 euros?
No comment…

We hope not Brage

We hope not Brage

Never snowboard again or never be allowed in Norway again?
Never be allowed in Norway again…

Never listen to music again or never use the Internet again?
I would actually prefer to listen to music! 

Would you rather pick the year you die or the way you die?
The Year that would  just sweet. 

Get an ass implant  or a boob job?
Hmmm, I would get a boob job and then push the implants up on top of my biceps. 


Brage’s new biceps