Would You Rather? Danny Larsen


Eat McDonalds every meal for a month straight or drink a bottle of Austrian Schnapps every night?
Ugh, both horrible options. I’m sure the schnapps will cause more damage though, I would unwillingly have to go for the McDonalds.

Travel to the future or back in time?
Strangely enough I had did this conversation with Nick Dirks a week ago. Maybe the future to see where we are heading so I could help it on a good path and possibly take back one of those hover boards that they had in Back to the Future.

Know the exact date of your death or the exact cause of your death?
Easy, date. Nothing up until that date would kill me.

Would you play Russian Roulete once in your life for a million Euros?
No way. High chance of death for easy cash? Fuck that.

Be forced by all of your sponsors to learn triple corks or find new deals?
I wouldn’t mind learning triple corks as long as I don’t have to do them all the time. But yeah, if anyone tried to force something like that on me I would quit right away. I actually accidentally almost landed a triple backflip once, it was no fun at all.
Have the ability to read people’s lies or the ability that all your lies are believable?
Read people’s lies, I don’t need to make it easier to be a bad person.


Pee out a grape or poop a watermelon?
Hahaha, uhm, I’ll go for the grape-urine. Grape-sized poops are about what I can produce now so the upgrade to watermelon seems like a bit too big off a step for me.

Never snowboard or never draw again?
Since this a snowboard site I’m gonna say never draw again, but it’s a lie.

Play World of Warcraft every day for 5 hours for a month or listen to Justin Bieber songs on repeat for 2 weeks? 
WoW for sure, I’ve played it for a bit, it’s pretty fun. Justin Bieber isn’t as bad as everyone wants him to be though. He’s just as good as the rest of the shit that people listen to everyday.

Be able to speak and understand animals or learn every language in the World?
To speak and understand animals for sure! Imagine all the amazing things a bat or a mole could tell me! A human being from say Hong Kong probably would say something as profound as “dude, i really want the new iPhone”