Would You Rather? Denis Leontyev

Never go back to the states or never go back to Russia?
Never go back to the United States of Russia.

Quit snowboarding for a year or never drink vodka again?
Quit drinking vodka while snowboarding for a year.

Never ride rails again or never ride powder again?
I rode powder only once in my life so never ride rails again haha.

Spend a week in prison or a week on a raft, lost on the ocean?
A week in prison in the ocean.

Have Fun Denis. Photo: Howard Kingsnorth

Have Fun Denis.
Photo: Howard Kingsnorth


Would you rather smell terrible (but you can’t smell it) or your partner smell terrible and you have to smell it?
Would be better to smell terrible together so we wouldn’t give a shit.

Would you follow Danny Way of the mega ramp on your skateboard for a million euros?
Hell no.

You win a meter-cubed block of hash as a contest prize but your parents have to pick it up the prize, do you accept it?

Pee out a grape or poop a watermelon?
Poop one kilogram of grapes.

Long day ahead

Long day ahead.

Never use the Internet again or never listen to music again?
The hardest choice in life! I would commit a suicide.

Spend a week learning triples off the biggest iciest kicker ever or spend a week rollerblading?
Spend a week hitting these icy kickers with rollerblades on.

Index photo: Dasha Nosova for Red Bull.