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Euro Trip With Denis Leontyev

The second biggest export out of Russia after Vodka is Denis Leontyev. Denis travelled over 5000km across Europe last season and made jaws drop everywhere he strapped in.

Bonus Fire Session

Denis Leontyev held his own session in Saint Petersburg, Russia, entitled The Bonus Fire Session. Expect fire, snowboarding, girls and alcohol, what more could you need?

BYNDxMDLS 2015: Sochi

Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström didn’t get the chance to represent Sweden at the last Wiinter Olympics but made the decision to head to Russia to see what all the fuss was about. They’re a year late but by the looks of things it appears that Sochi is now better than ever.

Would You Rather? Denis Leontyev

Everyone’s favourite Russian, Denis Leontyev tackles our challenging quiz to discuss; quitting vodka, winning meter cubed blocks of hash, rollerblading and heaps more.