Would You Rather? Ethan Morgan

Would you rather swim in a pool of human blood for an hour or hang upside down for 8 hours?
Wtf, you guys have been watching too many Saw movies lately, haha, I would rather hang upside-down and jerk off

Would you rather only ride FIS pipe contests or not ride at all?
It would be hard to give up snowboarding so I would drop in on those shitty FIS comps and hope I could help to make a change in the contest scene with them… who knows, maybe FIS can pull their shit together and turn out to be cool one day (what nobody ever said), but yeah, I cant give up snowboarding.

Ethan might need a new sticker job

Ethan might need a new sticker job

Would you rather orgasm once every ten years or once every ten seconds?
Once every ten years for sure, that orgasm would be the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, I think I wouldn’t enjoy it every ten secs.

Would you rather eat a handful of bees or a handful of fingernails?
Depends on how I could cook the bees/nails, if I would have to eat them raw, then I think you have to stop watching those Saw movies

Would you rather have no knees or no elbows?
No elbows, then I am sure I could grab anywhere I want to, ultra flexible… only wakeboarders need elbows

Would you rather drink a bucket of RV juice every morning for 2 weeks use a can of snus every night for 2 weeks?
What kind of stupid question is this, everybody knows how I hate snus, for sure the RV juice, and I wake up with RV juice a bunch anyway…

RV Juice for breakfast

RV Juice for breakfast


Would you rather switch backflip the roof gap that Halldor did in Nike Never Not or follow Nico Muller through the Alaskan backcountry, switch?
I think I would rather do a line switch with Nico, but I would do it naked, to show him what’s up.

Would you have eight arms or a second smaller head attached to your current head?
I would way rather have 8 arms, I don’t know if I could have a second small head blabbering shit all day into my ear

Would you rather be the world’s famous person but you get harassed by paparazzi everywhere or how it is now?
The way it is now… I would just get way too pissed off at the paparazzi…

Ethan! Ethan!

Ethan! Ethan! Ethan!