Would You Rather? Flo Corzelius

Would you rather be a pro rollerblader or the worst snowboarder in the world?
Pro-rollerblader !!! Party with all those Bladergirls, what else could you ask for ??

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 23.10.44

Never ride another rail or never do another method?
Never do another Method … Sorry Terje, I’m a railkid …

Loose your vision or your hearing?
Neither … both would suck so much, but I guess loosing your vision is worse …

Have the longest arms in the world but the shortest legs or the longest legs and shortest arms?
Long arms and short legs, monkey steeeeeez

Have to wear fluro outerwear everytime to ride or not ride at all?
What´s wrong with fluro outerwear ??

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 23.12.14

Spend a week in prison or a week on a raft, lost on the ocean?
Spend a week on the raft, as long as I´m lost in the shallow waters of the carribean islands … super smooth. Not too down with picking up the soap in a prison …

Live forever or for another month?
I´m working on my Rockstar-Image, so I gotta say live for another month to the fullest !!

Become the best paid rider in the world but you can never return to Austria, or how it is now?
No thank you, I´m fine … Austria rules!!

Grow a mullet and keep it for the rest of your life for a million dollars?
Of course !!!


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