Would You Rather? Jesse Augustinus

Have the fattest tongue in the world or the biggest nose in the world?
For sure the biggest nose, eating and drinking would be hard with a big tongue…



Jesse’s new look

Have a voice like crazy frog or like Kermit?
Hahah, uhm Kermit.

Never Snowboard again or never listen to music again?
Never listen to music again.

Be a pro razor scooter kid or a pro big foot rider?
I hate razor scooters, but I hate big foots even more.. so I’d go for the razor.



Be the hairiest person in the World or have the worst breath in the World?
Hahah for sure the hairiest, I think a bad breath is sooo much worse.

Live forever or for another month?
Live forever, I got a big list of things I want to do, i’ll never be able to do in a month…

Get caught masturbating or get caught taking meth?
I always get caught taking meth, so that’s fine.breaking_bad_071012_620px

Would you sell your soul to the devil for a year to become the most successful rider in the World?
Hell yes I would, i’m trying to get that Maserati!!

Swallow broken glass or snort petrol?
Without a doubt snort petrol, swallowing glass sounds like the most horrible thing ever.