Would You Rather? Thomas Delfino

Would you rather be known for the best moustache in snowboarding or have the best style in contest riding?
The best moustache for sure.

Thomas's future look.

Thomas’s future look.

Would you rather have to dance the full Macarena or kiss the bartender every time you order alcohol?
I love The Macarena, and I already know all the moves.

Would you rather be an albino who turns invisible in the snow or a ginger who gets sunburned every time he sees the sun? 
I really like the sun, so I will be an albino, I think it would be fun.

Would you rather be in the new Travis Rice movie or have a movie of your own named “Delfino the Flipper”? 
Haha, I’m a dolphin and I deserve my own movie.

Would you rather play naked Twister with Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Il?
Joker, I do not know haha.

Kim Jong putting in some Twister practise.

Kim Jong putting in some Twister practise.

Would you rather swallow a golf ball or enter the new Olympic discipline “synchronized halfpipe”?
It must be super fun to try to do opposite tricks at the same time in a halfpipe. Synchronized halfpipe!!!

Would you rather have a beautiful house and an ugly car or an ugly house and a beautiful car?
I don’t really care about cars. Give me a roof where I can chill with my friends and I’ll be happy.

Would you rather not be able to stand or to sit? 
To sit, you can see further when you stand.

Your house is under attack – would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? 
The horse-sized duck might be interesting. I will defend my house with some crazy weapons too. Maybe a giant pizza, which I can throw it straight into its mouth and it would explode. But then I’ll have to fight the zombie horse-sized duck, and it will be harder.

Prepare for battle

Prepare for battle

Interview by Franz Langer.