Milk Teeth: Sy Moran

Age: 23 
Home mountain: Breckenridge Colorado 
Sponsors: Burton, analog, Oakley 

You are from Breckenridge, Colorado, which is obviously a world renowned resort. How old were you when you started riding and how quickly did you feel like riding could become a career choice?
I was 11 when I first started riding. My family took me up to the mountain on the weekends to ride in the snowboard school program. I realized right away that I wanted to snowboard for the rest of my life. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it or what path I wanted to take yet but I knew that snowboarding was going to be a big part of my life.

From your experience, how are European riders different from US riders and have you spent much time in Europe?
I don’t think there’s a big difference between European and US riders, other than being raised in different cultures, but I think that adds to everyone’s individuality as a person and as a rider.
I haven’t spent too much time there yet, but it’s definitely one of my favorite spots and I can’t wait to go back.

Sy getting kinky at Woodward. Photo: Gabe L’Heureux

Your brother Zeke competed in the special Olympics, how often do you go riding together and what have you learnt from him?
Zeke’s a boss.. We get to ride together a pretty good amount during the season here in Colorado. Zeke has definitely taught me a lot, as a snowboarder and as an older brother, more than I give him credit for haha. Zeke has never been the person that gets caught up on what other people are doing. He stays true to himself and what he wants to do. That has been a huge learning lesson for me.

You are part of Kilroy from Burton, for those who don’t know, what is Kilroy?
Kilroy is a group of young riders from all around the world that Burton has put tougher. All with different styles and different views on snowboarding. Making it an all time crew to be apart of when we all get together to ride.

Who do you usually ride with and what secrets can you share about them?
I ride with Asher Humphreys pretty much every day. We lived together this season which was really dope. I definitely have some secrets about him and some others but probably should keep my mouth shut over the internet hahaha

You are known mostly for your sick park edits, what does a typical day consist of?
I ride a lot of park haha., perhaps too much. But usually here in Colorado if it’s dumping snow i’m out on my sled, trying to find new zones and cool stuff to turn on and jump off. But you can’t beat the perfect park laps at Breck, filming with the crew and learning new things.

Sy upsetting the Ski Patrol at Mt High. Photo: Gabe L’Heureux

Do you have plans to film next season and if so with who?
The plan is to film a bunch this coming year. I’ve been riding a lot with Carlos Garcia Knight, he has a really cool project that he’s putting together that I’m really pumped to be apart of, so going to finish filming for that this summer. Also trying to stack as much of my own clips too.. We’ll see what comes from that.

What would you be doing if you weren’t snowboarding?
Man, honestly I have no idea. Something where I can still be creative and be myself. Some kind of art or maybe something in music..? I haven’t really thought about it a lot. Just been focused on what I’m doing and where I wanna go in snowboarding .

You can follow Sy on his Instagram here.

Index Photo By Celia Miller