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Grindhouse: Hallucinate Intro.

The Uk’s finest video production company The Grindhouse have been putting out bangers for the past few seasons but with their new release Hallucinate they looked like they stepped up their game even further. The full release is this Monday and judging by this sick intro, Hallucinate looks to be flying the flag for UK snowboarding loud and proud.

Real Talk: Peetu Piiroinen

Peetu Piiroinen is one of the most successful competitive Snowboarders in history but the one that people know the least about. Here we chat to Peetu about why he missed his pipe run in Sochi, winning the World Snowboard Tour more than anyone else, how he has kept his private life so private and much more.

Grindhouse rides Talma

The Grindhouse crew stopped off at Talma, Finland whilst filming for their upcoming movie Hallucinate. With Andy Nudds, Will Smith, John Weatherley, Ollie Dutton and Jamie Durham in attendance, the Uk’s only production company got some quickfire laps in. Make sure you go and check out the full release on the 26th September at newly established House Of Vans.

Would You Rather? Sebbe De Buck

Rejoice! Pyramid Magazine is back from the beach and straight down to business with this would you rather quiz from the young Belgium, Sebbe De Buck.

Full Part: Will Smith, Mind Games

Will Smith from the UK has been making noise lately and his standout part in the Grindhouse release “Mind Games” got people from all over excited. Now this full part has been released for your viewing pleasure.

Real talk: Alek Østreng

We caught up with Alek Østreng to talk; skipping Sochi, contests and girlfriends who can shred.