Would You Rather? Gareth Andrews

Read peoples minds or breathe underwater?
Breathe underwater no doubt, that would useful on more than one occasion…underwater

Land any trick you wanted on a snowboard or the ability to pull any girl you wanted?
Snowboarding would be boring if you could just do everything. Girls wouldn’t be boring if you have any of em!

Never snowboard again or never see your family again?
ahhhhh, i’m sure they’d understand…

10 beers every night for the rest of your life or never drink again?
10 beers

Follow Eddy the Eagle off a ski jump on skis or louif paradis on a gnarly kink?
Follow Louif, fuck skiing!eddie-the-eagle

Pee out a grape or poop a watermelon?
Surely if you have to poop an entire watermelon you’ve already gone through the pain of getting it up there so shouldn’t be to bad.

Only ride indoors on a perfect set up or a mountain abroad, with a shitty set up?
A mountain for sure, i feel like i’ve clocked enough hours in MK over the last decade.

Have to date an annoying ugly girl and have her in full girlfriend status for a year for 10 grand?
Fuck i did that for free a few years ago, NOT worth 10 grand…angry-girlfriend1-580x385

Never snowboard or never skate again?

You win a meter cubed block of hash in a contest but your mum has to sign the waiver form, do you accept your prize?
Fuck yeah! “How dya like me now mum?!” She’d get over it..