Would You Rather? Gulli Gudmundsson

Would you rather not skate for a year or not snowboard for a year?
Not snowboard, don’t get the chance to skate enough.

Gulli is a beast on a skateboard too. Photo: Love

Gulli is a beast on a skateboard too.
Photo: Love

Never eat pizza again or never eat candy again?
Never eat candy again.

Never use the internet or never listen to music again?
The internet for sure! I couldn’t live without music..

Never hit another rail or never ride powder again?
Damn that’s a tough one, I think I would have to say never hitting a rail again.

Be forced to learn triples for your sponsors or find new ones?
Find new ones for sure.

No triples for Gulli

No triples for Gulli

Have your parents catch you watching porn or catch you taking drugs?

Have the ability to fly or be able to turn invisible?

Play Russian Roulete once for a million euros?
No, I’m not that desperate for cash.

Follow Danny Way off the mega ramp or Jeremy Jones through a gnarly line switch?
I would have to say Danny.

Fight Mike Tyson or Gandalf from lord of the rings?
Mike Tyson, I couldn’t punch an old man.

Bring it!

Bring it!