Would you Rather? Roope Tonteri


Be able to fly or have the power to turn invisible?
Able to fly

Be fat and happy or be skinny and miserable?
Fat and happy


Never snowboard again or never see your family again? 
Never snowboard again I can still skateboard

Kill a puppy with your bare hands or watch someone else kill 5? 
This is hard one I like puppies. But if I have to choose I would kill one then those 5 puppies can still live.


Follow Jeremy Jones down a gnarly Alaskan face switch, or hit the old Hemsedal kicker with a switch straight air? 

Hard one again maybe I chose to go follow Jeremy

Have 15 testicles or one the size of a coconut? 
Coconut for sure hahaaa!


Would you prefer it always to be day or always be night? 

Always to be day

Do a shot of antifreeze or down a bottle of rum? 
Bottle of rum

Go for a year without brushing your teeth or a year without riding? 
Easy one year without brushing my teeth. You can always have a mintshot.